Ergonomic Lifting Challenge? There’s An Arm For That!

Ergonomic lifting challengeAre you or your workers feeling the pain that comes from moving parts over and over again?

Need to lift heavy parts in small work cells?

Do you have a unique application that “over-the-shelf” equipment can’t handle?

ergonomic lifting challenge FlexArmErgonomic lifting challenge?

There’s an arm for that: A FlexArm!
How do you spell RELIEF for your workforce?
Very simply. Five letters: PM-RNR.

Tight work spaces?

ergonomic lifting challenge FlexArmA FlexArm PM-RNR provides easy reach into confined areas where traditional lifting devices, such as jib cranes, cannot go.

A PM-RNR has a typical working range of 38”-56” with customizable work ranges available. A variety of mounting options make the PM-RNR the ultimate solution for your picking and packing needs.

Your PM-RNR can be mounted on a:

Best of all, we offer an adjustable pedestal mount that provides a height range of 30” to 50” for additional convenience and flexibility.

Looking for ergonomic solutions ?

FlexArm PM-RNR joystick ergonomicsThe FlexArm PM-RNR takes the weight off your operator and puts it where it belongs – on the FlexArm. The weight range at 120 psi is 0-85 pounds, and this part manipulator can lift, load, unload, move, pick up and put down materials easily and conveniently. An easy-to use joystick provides fingertip control for your operator.

FlexArm PM lifting magnetBest of all, the FlexArm PM-RNR is a workhorse when it comes to saving time, steps, and injuries. It comes complete with base, angle, pneumatic cylinder package, pressure cylinders, joystick control, mount block with pivot hook and air filter. An optional magnet offers flexibility for a variety of lifting applications.

If we haven’t shared enough “best of all” reasons to check out a FlexArm PM-RNR, here is one more: FlexArm products are made in the USA by people just like yours, so they CARE about your workforce. Our products are manufactured in Northwest Ohio and shipping to your location can be arranged quickly and easily.

Why deal with the consequences of repetitive lifting and moving parts? CLICK HERE to check out our entire line of part manipulators. Want to see FlexArm lifting solutions in action? Check it out with a CLICK HERE.

Need an ergonomic solution for your lifting application? Give us a call at 800.837.2503 or contact us. We look forward to working with you!

FlexArm part manipulator PM-RNR

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What will you see at FabTech Canada 2016?

The countdown is on to our first trade show for 2016 – already!

Fabtech Canada 2016 FlexArmIs FabTech Canada on your March calendar too? Please add booth 1425 to you “GO-TO” list.
Here’s the best reason why:

We have your FREE PASS ready for you!
Keep reading…

What will you see in booth 1425 at FabTech Canada in Toronto?

For us, it’s more about what you will experience as you join us. We want to show you what FlexArm is about and we want YOU to discover what a FlexArm solution will do to enhance and improve your quality.

FlexArm hydraulic tappingSee these faces? They are face-to-face with the POWER of FlexArm Hydraulic Tapping.

You will be too.

And that’s not all.

Need mobile tapping ability? Need complete control with your tapping application? Want to disconnect an airline and use electric instead? We have your hydraulic tapping solution.Fabtech Canada FlexArm hydraulic tapping

You won’t believe what you can do with this little wonder ->

Literally, your fingers can program low speed for forward tapping and high speed for reverse chasing. Your fingertips control every rpm. Your FlexArm keeps your tap straight for precise profession results without breaking taps. The unit is self-contained and features a slotted table for tapping flexibility.

You’ll wonder what you did without this system once you see it in action!

And if ergonomics is a top priority for you…

Are your employees dealing with pain and injuries caused by repetitive moving of parts and materials? FlexArm Part Manipulator ergonomics lift assistNeed something that can lift, move and set product down over and over again? Need a lifting solution in tight spaces? The FlexArm Part Manipulator has the answers to those questions – and more.

Fingertip control is found with a joystick as the FlexArm PM-RNR takes the weight off your operator’s hands and shoulders. Need mobility with your lifting and moving needs? You’ll see it at FabTech Canada. We will have your lifting solution mounted on a cart so you can see, feel and experience the difference your FlexArm solution will make in your production area.

FlexArm torque reaction ergonomicsIs tool weight and torque taking its toll in your assembly applications? Need more speed on your assembly line? Make sure you stop by booth 1425 while at the FabTech Canada show. We’ll show you the difference a FlexArm torque arm will make with your stud welding, fastening and every other assembly need in your production area. Do your production processes need an ergonomic boost? We have an arm for that! Our team will be happy to let you see, feel and experience what a FlexArm will do to enhance and improve your quality and workforce.

Where will you be March 22-24th? Want to join the FlexArm team in Toronto?

FabTech Canada FlexArm FREE PASS<- Here is your personal invitation to join us at FabTech Canada 2016!

Go to

Click on Register Now in the upper right corner:

FabTech Canada 2016

Follow the steps to complete your registration and do THIS:
Enter PROMO CODE 10000930
Congratulations! You just saved yourself $50!

Looking for tapping solutions to enhance productivity and quality? Not sure what you need for ergonomic material handling and assembly challenges? Need to support the health and safety of your workforce? Our team of professionals looks forward to working with you! Contact us or stop by our booth at FabTech Canada 2016 to experience what’s new with FlexArm.

See you at the show!

tap into profit with FlexArm customer satisfaction

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3 Things You Need To Check Out on the New FlexArm Website

Where were you 15 years ago?

FlexArm website

This is where the FlexArm website was… and is today. The FlexArm website has been a value-added resource for thousands and thousands of users for many years. We just released our fresh new look and want to be sure you see some new things we added –
just for YOU!

1. FlexArm Website UPdate: Responsive Design

FlexArm website home page responsive designWe endured the frustration of trying to use our website on our mobile devices for years. You too?

We solved this for us and for you and we hope you like it! We’ve been working on this and are happy to share our fresh new webface with the responsive look and feel we were looking for.

Check out our blog page for product tips and information to support your fabrication and production needs. Use the Search option for topics you want to know more about and enjoy a responsive format on your mobile device. Be sure and use our social sharing feature at the end of each post and let us know what you’d like to know more about.

2. FlexArm Website UPdate: Helicoil How-To

FlexArm website helicoil how-toWe’ve done our best over the years to explain how to assemble components for an effective helicoil system. Do you have questions? Call us: 800.837.2503! We’d enjoy talking with you about the best solution for your assembly challenges.

A while back we sat down, put the “How-To” steps on paper, took some sweet images, and put together a 4-page flier to help you – our customer – create a helicoil system to best meet the needs of your application.

Best of all – it’s now part of our website, ready for you to download or read on your mobile device. Share the link with someone who needs it – they will be glad you did.

3. FlexArm Website UPdate: Employment Application

FlexArm website employment application We have a great team at FlexArm, and we’ve heard this statement:

“Can I have an application?
I want to be part of your team.”

Have you said that? Here’s your opportunity to take the first step quickly and easily. Go to our Contact Us page and download the employment application from the link. Print it, scan it, and email it to us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

And that’s not all…

Last but not least, here’s a bonus just for you! Check out our About Us page. We have a highlighted hyperlink to our 15-page product brochure FlipBookFlexArm website About Us.


Look for About Us ->

Look for the CLICK HERE..
and do it->

FlexArm website product FlipBook

We hope you enjoy our overview of FlexArm solutions for your ergonomic fabrication, assembly and material handling needs. We also offer engineering expertise to support your unique custom application needs.

CLICK HERE to take a peek at some of the things we’ve done to help our customers get more done… with a lot less effort.

Looking for the best solution for your application? Our focus is providing professional solutions for precise results! Take a look through our fresh new website and online catalog. Give us a call at 800-837-2503 or contact us. Our professional team is ready to help you find the best solution for your application – TODAY.

tap into profit with FlexArm customer satisfaction

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The FlexArm Solution Starts With a Need

Every solution starts with a need. The need starts with a challenge. For us, it comes from a customer contacting us about an application that is not performing as well as it could. Improvement needs to happen. FlexArm’s engineering expertise is ready to take the need, work through the problem and find the custom solution.

The FlexArm solution starts with knowing the need

Every effective solution comes from knowing why there is a problem. We start the fact-finding process by having our customer complete an in-depth assessment form. We want to understand the facts of the challenge our customer is dealing with. When the facts are analyzed issues are uncovered. FlexArm’s team of professionals will take the facts and design proposed solution to meet the need and overcome the challenge.

The FlexArm solution becomes a concept through engineering expertise

This is where FlexArm engineering capabilities come in. The challenge is studied. Ideas are generated and concepts explored. Our team of experts analyzes the entire situation to design potential high-precision solutions.

FlexArm’s engineering team utilizes the latest 3-D CAD and CAM software to:

  1. Create concept proposals for customers to review before placing their order.

FlexArm solution concept proposal

  1. Once the best solution is ready, the FlexArm engineering team produces detailed assembly drawings for our customer to examine, assess, approve and sign off on before production of their custom solution begins.

FlexArm solution engineering

The FlexArm solution becomes a product through custom fabrication

  1. Quickly produce parts moving straight from a 3D CAD model to CAM programing to CNC production. Our team of machinists takes the concept and fabricates the reality of our customer’s solution.

cnc FlexArm solution

The FlexArm solution becomes a reality through testing

Once the concept becomes a reality, the produced product is run through rigorous testing to ensure our solution will satisfy our customer’s need. The FlexArm engineering and service team wants to make sure the custom solution is precisely what our customer is looking for.

Flexarm solution testing

Success! Our goal is complete when we can provide our customer with the solution that overcomes the challenge and corrects the problem.

Every solution starts with a need. FlexArm’s team of professionals is ready to take your need and provide the best solution for your workplace challenges. Looking for the best solution for your application? Give us a call at 800-837-2503 or contact us. Our professional team is ready to provide you with the best FlexArm solution.

tap into profit with FlexArm customer satisfaction

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ZERO Fault Process is a Reality with FlexArm

Ingenuity and innovation. Two driving forces that take anyone to new solutions. FlexArm’s team of professionals are constantly looking for innovations. They lead to new solutions to meet our customer’s challenges. Our goal? A ZERO fault process in the results.

We have achieved that goal with position feedback for our torque reaction arms. It’s a reality: a no fault process with perfect results.

The Need

Power tools produce a torque reaction that transmits to the operator as they use a tool. Over time, the consequences of this repetitive motion can result in injuries to an operator’s hand, wrist and shoulders. Injuries reduce productivity and increase costs due to downtime and absenteeism, along with potential Worker’s Compensation claims.

The Solution

Zero fault process with encoders for precision position feedbackTorque reaction arms take the torque out of an operator’s hand and put it onto the arm, significantly reducing the effects on the operator. Implementing a torque reaction solution provides cost-saving benefits in any workplace.

Using an assembly arm in the tool-handling process also ensures perpendicularity. This improves overall quality while significantly reducing waste.

FlexArm torque reaction arms are more compact, stronger and lighter than ever. With our latest carbon fiber and linear arms, we can provide solutions to fit any tool in a work area.

Zero Fault Process

FlexArm continues to bring quality torque reaction solutions that provide high-precision results. Our new line of posi-control systems is designed to improve ergonomics and productivity. Perfection is made possible with torque arms utilizing encoders for a zero fault process and precision position feedback.

Tool weight got you down? FlexArm offers custom solutions for tool weight and torque challenges. Since 1984, our team of engineering and service professionals has provided personalized attention to provide the highest-quality solutions for precise results. We service and stand behind everything we sell, with many thousands of satisfied customers still using their FlexArms years after purchase.

Looking for a zero fault process for your production area? Contact us for more about our newest line of assembly and torque reaction arms designed to make your process perfect.

tap into profit with FlexArm customer satisfaction

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New Years Resolutions To Keep This Year

New Years resolutions 2016 FlexArmHappy New Year! Any New Years resolutions to work on?

Many of us put things like this on our to-do list:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Get better at what I do

One of our New Years resolutions is to continue sharing the real benefits of our products. Why?
So our customers can keep their resolutions to save time, save money and get better.

For example, one of the greatest benefits of tapping offline is the fact that it

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Improves qualityFlexArm pneumatic tapping

How do we know? We incorporate it into our manufacturing here at FlexArm. We’ve heard the success stories.

Here’s one:

We received an email on New Year’s Eve 2015 from a customer that contacted us about a tapping application last year. We qualified the need and offered a pneumatic tapping solution for their need, which they put into place.

This is what they told us about the benefits they found in tapping offline with a FlexArm:

We recently had a job in which we had to tap 40 each 10-32 holes in 6 steel plates that were 1 ½ inches thick. The plates had a large arc to them, and our retrofit CNC machine could only be used to drill and locate the holes for tapping. The actual tapping had to be done manually.

It took approximately 5-6 minutes to locate a single hole on the CNC machine and tap it by hand. We then performed the same operation on a precision weld table with the Flex-Arm mounted to it.

Each hole took approximately 45 seconds to tap with the Flex-Arm!

We have done demos for the launch pad engineers and technicians, emphasizing the speed and accuracy we are able to deburr and tap holes from 0-80 to ¾ inch.

The response is always the same, amazement!

We have done several jobs with the Flex-Arm, with increased production rates. The Flex-arm also allows us to respond to mission-critical modifications in less time and cost to the company.

A New FlexArm Tapping Customer
| Tech Services Group |

new years resolution save timeWhen you compare 5-6 minutes per hole to tap manually vs. 45 seconds to tap on a FlexArm, the time alone adds up quickly.

FlexArm-ToolingV2When you factor in accuracy, precision, and the ability to deburr – tap – chamfer – ream – and more with one system, it’s easy to see how production rates will increase by incorporating a FlexArm into a machining center.

Add the fact that an operator can tap, thread and take care of finish work on a FlexArm WHILE the CNC is running, and the goals to

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Get better at what I do

become fulfilled resolutions quickly and easily.

Happy New Year from all of us at FlexArm! We look forward to helping YOU keep your New Years resolutions of becoming more effective and efficient in your production area. Call us today: 800-837-2503 or contact us online.

We want to help you keep your New Years resolutions.
Let’s make this year your best year EVER.

tap into profit with FlexArm customer satisfaction

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FlexArm Announces ISO 9001:2008 Certification

PrintFlexArm Inc. is proud to announce we have received ISO 9001:2008 certification. Certification to ISO 9001 requires an accredited third party auditing organization to thoroughly review a company’s internal quality management system processes to ensure they are capable of consistently manufacturing products to the highest quality, engineering and safety standards.

This achievement reflects our company’s focus on supplying the highest quality solutions to meet our customer’s needs. This certification is an important step in assuring that our customers continue to receive the highest quality and service from FlexArm.

“With independent registration of our company by an outside auditor, everyone can be sure that FlexArm is committed to the highest standards in our operations, production and fulfillment.” – Nick Kennedy, FlexArm President

The ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard was developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and establishes an effective quality management program for manufacturing companies. Important components of ISO 9001:2008 include customer satisfaction and establishing processes for continuous improvement, which FlexArm values highly.

Since 1984, FlexArm has consistently designed and manufactured the highest quality products. This latest accomplishment verifies we treat this certification as much more than a question of ‘compliance to a standard’, but as a way to provide confidence in the products and services we deliver to our customers. Our commitment and strong customer focus is a common thread throughout our organization, from the President’s office through all of our operational activities.

FlexArm has manufactured and distributed American-made Tapping Machines, Assembly Arms, Grinding Arms and Ergonomic Material Handling solutions since 1984. We provide personalized attention and offer the highest-quality solutions for precise results. We service and stand behind everything we sell! For more information, give us a call at 800-837-2503 or contact us online. Follow us on social media as /FlexArmInc.

FlexArm Iso 9001-2008 Certified

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Flexarm’s Best Idea EVER

Our customers told us it was the best idea EVER.

save CNC save cycle timeWhy not use a FlexArm tapping machine with a CNC?

Why not improve cycle time by using a FlexArm to do finish work and increase efficiency?

Why not keep operations moving by tapping and threading with a FlexArm while a mill is running?

That great idea made so much sense.

Here’s why: Our customers discovered a FlexArm hydraulic tapping arm is made for tapping, not simply running in one direction like the spindle of a CNC Mill. Forward and reverse are as easy as pushing a button with one finger. An operator can have their CNC running while using a FlexArm to save cycle time. Tapping up to 2″ offline is a breeze!

That’s not all: An operator can easily program the exact RPM for forward and an exact RPM for reverse. Whether an operator needs to run 30 RPM to pull a large ACME tap or 500 RPM to quickly tap 7/8 inch, they have flexibility at their fingertips for increased efficiency. So while the lathe or mill is running, the FlexArm can do the finish work.

It’s so easy! Machine operators enjoy features such as programmable depth control, allowing for consistency in tapping depth. When quality is important, they found this is a must-have for running NPT taps or dies.

Then there was another idea.

Why not use a pneumatic tapping machine in the same machining center as a larger hydraulic or RNR?

Here’s why: A FlexArm pneumatic tapping machine offers convenience and flexibility. An A32 tapping machine can tap 0-9/16″ and save time in finish work. Quick, precise and consistent quality – plus increased efficiency in work flow – made this idea a proven winner for our customers.

Then there was the best idea of ALL.

Hey FlexArm:
Why not give us a special deal on the A32 tapping machine with the purchase of a hydraulic or RNR tapping system? 

THAT was the best idea of all! So we decided to put it into action for YOU…


Here’s why: ‘Tis the season of giving and we want to give YOU the best in tapping flexibility at the LOWEST PRICE EVER.

Ready to make your machining center the most efficient EVER? 

Here’s how:

FlexArm tapping machine low price best idea ever FlexArm is giving everyone the opportunity to buy a complete A32 tapping system, including a choice of motor plus everything needed to set it up. For the lowest price ever, you can have a complete tapping solution.

We like that idea. We like helping others be more productive! Looking for the best solution for your application? Give us a call at 800-837-2503 or contact us. Our professional team is ready to help you find your own BEST IDEA EVER.

tap into profit with FlexArm customer satisfaction


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What Do I Need to Know to Choose a Tapping Machine?

You made the decision that it’s time to buy and there’s one big question…

How do I choose a tapping machine?

You want to make your production operation more efficient. You know FlexArm offers the highest quality tapping arms available. You look at the options and your application and ask yourself:

What’s the difference between tapping machines?

What do I need to know to make the right choice?

A FlexArm hydraulic tapping machine can tap up to 2″ and uses 3-phase power. A FlexArm pneumatic tapping machine can tap up to 7/8″ and is air-powered. We’ll focus on how to choose a pneumatic tapping system because it will support a wide variety of everyday applications:


FlexArm A-32 Tapping Machine

S-36 Tapping Machine

FlexArm S-36 Tapping Machine

M-60 tapper

FlexArm M-60 Tapping Machine


FlexArm RNR-20 Tapping Machine

How do I choose a tapping machine?

Consider the majority of your tapping applications. The answers to these 3 questions will steer you in the right direction for a tapping solution:

1. What is the largest size tap to be used?

2. What material is being tapped?

3. How large is the piece being tapped?

The main difference between FlexArm pneumatic tapping systems is working range (reach) and tap capacity. Each arm is constructed to accommodate a specific reach. Different applications, parts being tapped and work spaces can be accommodated using the following chart:
choose a tapping machine pneumatic                                                                                                          (All ratings are for mild steel)

FlexArm offers a variety of motor options for tapping applications.
Here’s a quick break down:choose a tapping machine pneumatic motors

  • 225RPM: 0-3/4″ tap capacity      *S-36 or M-60
  • 400RPM: 0-9/16″ tap capacity   *A-32, S-36, M-60
  • 600RPM: 0-3/8″ tap capacity     *A-32, S-36, M-60
  • 1000RPM: 0-5/16″ tap capacity  *A-32, S-36, M-60
  • 1500RPM: 0-1/4″ tap capacity     *A-32, S-36, M-60
  • 100/400RPM (2-speed gearbox): 0-7/8″ tap capacity   *RNR20-4
  • 200/700RPM (2-speed gearbox): 0-3/4″ tap capacity   *RNR20-6

The majority of FlexArm pneumatic tapping arms can use different motors to achieve needed tap capacity. Combine the motor needed for tap capacity with the arm for the reach needed for the best solution for your tapping application.

One more time…
The main difference between tapping systems is working range (reach) and tap capacity.

RNR semi-tap lubricator 2-speed gearboxThe RNR20 is FlexArm’s solution to tapping a wide variety of sizes from #6-7/8″. The 2 speed gearbox allows an easy change from a lower rpm speed (100 or 200rpm) to a higher rpm (400 or 700 rpm). This offers unsurpassed tapping flexibility.

Hopefully this answers a lot of questions when it’s time to purchase that new tapping machine. The best part is that you aren’t alone – the friendly team of FlexArm professionals is ready to help with the best solution for any tapping application. Contact us online or call today: 1-800-837-2508. When it’s time to choose: choose FlexArm.

tap into profit with FlexArm customer satisfaction

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What Will You Experience in the FlexArm Booth at WESTEC?

FlexArm booth at WESTEC

Do your travel plans include a trip to sunny Southern California in mid-September? FlexArm will be at WESTEC 2015, the West Coast’s premiere manufacturing trade show event. Ready to solve your tapping and assembly challenges? Add booth 2207 to your GO-TO list while at the Los Angeles Convention Center. When you register online, be sure and use PROMO CODE 10000930 to save $50 so you can attend FREE.

The FlexArm booth at WESTEC will give you:

Tapping Solutions
Ready to feel the power of hydraulic tapping?
FlexArm hydraulic tappingStop by our booth to see FlexArm in action. Experience how you can tap up to 2″ offline:

The FlexArm booth at WESTEC will also feature hands-on demos of pneumatic tapping solutions for professional results. Discover how easy it is to save CNC cycle time and cut machining time by almost half with a FlexArm in your production area.

Ergonomic Assembly Solutions
Looking for the latest in ergonomic assembly solutions?
FlexArm torque assembly arm GimbalWait until you see what FlexArm can do for you! Stop by our booth to see what’s NEW and find out more about our latest innovations in torque reaction systems.

The FlexArm booth at WESTEC will also feature hands-on demos of variety of light- & heavy-duty assembly arms. Ask us about our custom mounts for your specific needs.

Lift Assist Solutions
Do you have workers continually lifting parts – especially in small work areas?
FlexArm  ergonomiclift assistAsk us about our overhead lift assist and part manipulator systems. Need a custom mount or end effector? We’re ready to help! These innovations offer the ergonomic solution for your lifting needs:

WESTEC is the West Coast’s premiere manufacturing event. It’s not just a tradeshow. It’s a “think tank” where manufacturers ask questions and get answers.

  • Got questions?
  • Looking for answers?

trade show successLet us know what day & time you’d like to talk with a dedicated FlexArm professional who will be happy to support you. CLICK HERE to email us so we can schedule a time to meet at the show. Want to see ergonomic solutions you can put into action? Plan to visit us in booth #2207 at the Los Angeles Convention Center September 15th-17th.

Feel free to call our sales office at 419.738.8147 or 800.837.2503 if you have any questions. Check around our website at, where we offer a product catalog, along with pictures and videos of our products.

The FlexArm booth at WESTEC will focus on YOU, as we support you with solutions to your ergonomic production challenges. We look forward to seeing you at the show!


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