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Jim Quinn, Orange County Choppers

We love our new FLEXARM S-36. At first, I thought it would be mainly used on production jobs with repetitive holes in close proximity. Boy was I wrong. The Flexarm is extremely versatile with more range than I had anticipated. Tap changeover is a breeze.

Paul Sr. came by today and said that this thing is "The Cats Ass."

Thanks a bunch,
Jim Quinn
Orange County Choppers

Sean Robertson
Sean Robertson


My name is Sean Robertson. I manufacture Pendleton Safes. If you’ve never heard of Pendleton Safes, they are high end, custom built-to-order gun safes. All parts on the Pendleton Safes are laser cut or machined and held to tighter tolerances than anything else in the industry. I’ve attached a photo of one process where I am tapping a door. This used to take around 20 minutes when done by hand. Now it takes less than 2 minutes with the Flex Arm. This flex arm paid for itself in the first two days of use and has greatly increased our production. The Flex Arm is truly a great product.

Sean Robertson

The new tapping arm arrived and we mounted it to a roll around table. This is allowing us to bring the tapping arm to the area it's needed. As for the first arm we purchased it's worth every penny of the purchase price.

We are crazy about our FlexArm Tapping Arm. It saves us incredible amounts of time during overhaul of our IDG (Integrated Drive Generator – The commercial aircraft version of an alternator) magnesium housings! I would love to see “Delta Airlines” added to your list of satisfied customers on your website!

Adam Calhoun
Delta Air Lines, Inc. - Atlanta

I appreciated the loan of the motor, quick repair and help. It is a pleasure to work with a company like yours that keeps us going without interuption of our machine process.

Thank You,
Tito Salgado

We are very pleased with the FlexArm Die Grinder. The tool is accurate, dependable, and easy to use. In addition, this tool has saved us countless handwork and die maintenance hours. Thank you for a great product.

I recently purchased an A-32 FlexArm Tapping Machine for our company. We use the FlexArm for the purpose of inserting self-tapping insert and occasional tapping. I opted to also purchase the "Automatic Depth Stop" accessory to further automate the machine. The quick change holder system makes it very easy on change-over's. The torque adjustment on the holders is a great feature, as it prevents stripping. All of the above combined make this machine a work horse and has increased our productivity exponentially.

Furthermore, the level of customer service was outstanding! The sales representative was patient and informative with no pushiness during the pre-purchase process. Subsequent calls to FlexArm for help on machine setup and miscellaneous issues were handled with utmost attention. The customer service did not stop when they had order on hand or had shipped their product.

I feel like I have made a great investment for our company!

In this day and age of automatic customer service (dial 1 for English) it is refreshing to purchase from and receive the level of customer service as I have received from Midwest Specialties/FlexArm.

Nicolet Plastics Inc.

What an UNBELIEVABLE asset to TRIPLE A. It takes 1 minute to tap an 1-1/2 6 hole 2-7/8 deep. That includes In and Out. INCREDIBLE!

Thank you again,
Angelo Alesci

We have our arm set up on our radial drill to chamfer and tap. He drills 10 holes and then uses the arm for tapping. What a time saver! My machinist has a consistent grin. We will recover most of the cost of the machine on this job.

I am still amazed at how much difference it has made to this one project.

John Lake
XL Quality Industrial Services
Trail, BC

Just letting you know, we couldn't have finished our rush job without the FlexArm. It has been the best purchase we have ever made.

Eagle Tool & Gage

Slick as can be. we were able to re-tap, and therefore repair, over $70K in parts.

We're going to try it on some other work shortly. Nice Product!

Anderson Machine Service

MTM Recognition

By the way, our company yearly awards banquet was held last week and I recieved one of our "Bright Idea Awards" - A frosted clear resin light bulb specifically for my purchase and implementation of your equipment (an FAV 14-20 assembly arm).

MTM Recognition

Your flex arms were perfect fit for the task at hand we are OSHA compliant on all of our drill presses thanks to your product. I have permantly recorded your companny info and look forward to future business with you and thanks for everything.


Its's true, 1 bad complaint travels the world, but when something works you never hear about it!

The flexArm is working great.

The guys in the shop love it.

Thanks for a great product!
Xigent Automation Systems

Can't believe we did it so wrong for so long, one of the best tools I have ever purchased.

Chris French Metal, Inc.

Thanks for the follow up. Every thing is good with the new FlexArm. The operators love it. We were pleasantly surprised to find all of the clutches were preset on the tap collets. Buying it earned me a big atta boy.

General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products, Inc.

The FlexArm is awesome!!

NCS Welding

The machine was up and running within the week we received it. We had a large job come through the shop for our milling machines shortly after we set up the FlexArm. We were able to finish the job and saved around 100 hours of work.

Palatine Welding Company

XL Quality Industrial Services Trail, BC

We have our arm set up on our radial drill to chamfer and tap. Our operator drills 10 holes, then uses the arm for tapping. What a time saver! My machinist has a consistent grin. We will recover most of the cost of the machine on this job.

John Lake
XL Quality Industrial Services
Trail, BC

The FlexArm is working great........It has tapped thousands of 1/4-20 holes with no issues at all.

TV Armor LLC

Everything is going very good with our units. They are helping the operators out significantly. Thanks

Amphenol Aerospace

The FlexArm is working very well. We are happy with the purchase. We just wish we could have done it sooner.

Packaging Engineering-Brighton

I am very happy with the FlexArm, it has allowed us to improve our products and add profit to our bottom line. The FlexArm has proven to be both a great value, a valuable fabrication tool that we rely on every day.

Mac Rak, Inc.

We are currently using 5 of your units. They work great! We have had nothing but rave reviews from our assembly folks. Thank you for all your help!

Kimber MFG, Inc.

The FlexArms are working just as I expected (flawless). I have used your products in the past and they are definitely a high quality product.

Goodman MFG

Paid for itself on the first project, even though it may not get used every week, when it does the tapped holes are true to the surface. Without the adjustable motor head we would have been very disappointed and would have confined the item to a table, with it we constructed a large heavy base and have the ability to bring to the tapper to the work for vertical holes.

Very pleased.
Advanced Systems, Inc.
Division of Thermal Technologies, Inc.

It is doing great, one of the best tools we have in our shop.

Hutchens Industries inc.

I am happy to report that the FlexArm is working flawlessly.

Starbase Technologies

The tapping arm is saving us quite a bit of machining time.

Cybex International Inc.

It kicks ass, we are considering one or two more this summer.

Feedlease Corporation